Tuesday, 31 January 2012

B-Fit Expo 2012

Ruben Tabares is an advocate of natural nutrition and the benefits of whole foods over synthetic sports supplements in helping individuals achieve optimum results.  From elite athletes to everyday exercisers, Ruben explained how anyone can incorporate these into their diet to trim fat, eliminate toxins, increase energy and minimise inflammation.

To show how simple it can be, Ruben prepared a tasty smoothie with ingredients that included : Chocolate (Cacao Powder), Acai, Maca,  Camu, Coconut water, Honey, Banana, Cashew nuts and 15 Sun Chlorella ‘A’ tablets.                 
Wholefood Sports Nutrition: From Beginner to Elite Athlete

Ruben gave encouraging nutrition advice and recommended starting with small changes that can make a big difference. He recommended starting the day by drinking a litre of water first thing the morning before breakfast and maintaining an 80% raw food diet.

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