Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Why does it cost a little bit more?

To ensure that Sun Chlorella is the best chlorella on the market, with the highest digestibility rate, Sun Chlorella has a 95% - 99% broken cell wall, which is pulverized by the patented DYNO®-Mill process. No other company can match our high standards of quality, purity, and digestibility. In fact, common "broken cell" chlorella has been shown to contain as little as one percent "broken" cells, which means your body is unable to utilize the powerful nutrients chlorella has to offer.

Take a look at these microscopic images of other chlorella brands and compare them to ours. You will see that the difference is clear! With the other chlorella brands, you can clearly see the cell walls are still intact. This makes it virtually impossible for your body to digest and absorb chlorella's powerful nutrients, which are still locked inside. With Sun Chlorella, the cell walls have been pulverized. Therefore, your body has instant access to this nutritional bounty.

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