Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Marissa-Catherine Carrarini is a naturopathic nutritional therapist working with eating disorders. Marissa-Catherine owns and practices in health clinic, Snowsfields Wellness, in London Bridge. She also works in eating disorder clinic, Recover.

"I work with clients who have eating disorders, so I use very few supplements and have a very food-focused approach. I need my clients to eat, not live off pills and potions. All the same, I have a few supplements I really care for and use. Sun Chlorella is one of them. I like Sun Chlorella because its magnesium and B vitamins are important for mental wellbeing and calm - something my clients often lack. Sun Chlorella is amazing for gut health, cleaning out wastes and promoting regular bowel movement. Sun Chlorella also promotes one's natural beauty. It is rich in vitamin A for bright healthy eyes and E for healthy skin. Sun Chlorella also has immune supporting and skin loving vitamin C and bone nourishing vitamin K. My clients are usually very malnourished and constipated, even the binge eaters. Suggesting they take Sun Chlorella is a step into the right direction when it comes to: self-care, eating foods that help one to be healthy & happy and taking a positive (as opposed to destructive) interest in the body.

My Morning Milkshake 
I like to eat Sun Chlorella as it is (like sweets) but not everyone thinks 
it is as tasty as I do. Putting it into a milkshake is helpful as it makes 
it seem more like a food, which supports my very food-based approach.

Handful of Cashews 
Handful of Walnuts 
1-2 Medjool Date(s) 
1 Banana 
pinch of Cinnamon 
pinch of Vanilla powder 
pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt 
12 Sun Chlorella 'A' Tablets 
Water (You're decision)   
Blend it all together. 
This is not a meal in itself - have it with some oats (porridge, granola, oat cakes). 
This milkshake is also nice with 2 tablespoon of peanut butter added.   

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